Friday, November 16, 2007

I need a Cute Immunization

Goddamn it. I know I bitched about Enchanted earlier, but this just looks too fucking adorable to pass up.

I suppose Disney isn't totally dead. To. Me. Just yet.


Smartie said...

I downloaded it and have watched the first 30 mins*. So far it's a tad cheese and predictable. I am not liking the Patrick Demsey and whoever the girl but will be his beloved NO DOUBT is thing - he's old enough to be her father. Eww.

* it's one I put on my PDA and watch at work at lunch to drown out the imbeciles I work with and their inane chatter

Drew said...

I swear Smartie, if not for your PDA the office would have driven you to murderous lunacy by now :D