Monday, December 17, 2007

Oregon Trail 2 taught me the word "miscellany"

- Today I received a call from sub services.

Sub services lady: Yes, would you like to fill in at this school? You'll be subbing for a Mrs. Fields.
Drew: I'm sorry, what was her name again?
Sub services lady: Fields. Like...Strawberry Fields Forever.
Drew: ...

I think it's fucking great that she said that, but I'm not really sure why. Subtle appreciation of The Beatles? Bizarre cultural reference? The world may never know.

- I advanced to the quarterfinal round of Slamdance's annual Horror Screenplay Competition! Kickass. triumph over the remaining 99 scripts and claim victory! Wahahaha!

- H.P. Lovecraft is awesome and when winter break starts I am making a resolution to read his complete body of work once and for all. You should too! We can do it...together.

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